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Physical therapy and wellbeing since 1997. Experience the effects of knowledge and meticulous manual skill firsthand

We are therapists with the expertise to effectively treat infants, pregnant and postpartum women, athletes, and you who suffer the aftermath of concussion and whiplash.


We create space for everyone regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

Fysioterapi og massage på Frederiksberg

The fys:jo



We're body nerds ready to provide you with the best treatment possible.

Fysioterapeut Julie Hjelm Jacobsen hos fys:jo på Frederiksberg
Fysioterapeut Tina Douglas-Pedersen hos fys:jo på Frederiksberg
Fysioterapeut og zoneterapeut Kamilla Rahbek hos fys:jo på Frederiksberg
Massageterapeut (RAB) Hilde Ramnefjell Dolva hos fys:jo på Frederiksberg



Julie is the woman behind fys:jo (formerly PHYSIOGA) near the lakes in Frederiksberg. Her resume includes +25 years of teaching experience ranging from competitive swimming to the field of transformational bodymind work. As a physical therapist Julie has nearly two decades of hands-on experience related to pregnancy, infants and maternity. A maven in manual baby care, Julie introduced the popular “Baby Check” in 2002. She is also a rehabilitation specialist for complicated neck and head trauma, a vocal health specialist for professional singers, and an expert in birth preparation treatments. Julie's knowledge and manual skills are in demand both at home and abroad. Booking ahead is advised.


Baby treatment • Colic • Crooked skull • Reflux • Difficulty sleeping • Late or uncertain motor development • Pregnancy and birth-related pain • Whiplash • Concussion • PCS • Neck injury • Head trauma • Stress • Vocal health for professional singers



Tina is a trained physical therapist. She is certified in the Mulligan Concept. She has a Bachelor of Psychology (1998) and is a certified yoga teacher. One of Tina's key strengths is her manual skill combined with her ability to effortlessly maneuver between several different treatment methods—all with a holistic focus. Tina is exceptional at diagnosing and is a specialist in the treatment of neck pain, headaches, dizziness issues and the aftermath of concussion and whiplash. She also has specialized skills in sports injuries and pregnancy-related conditions. Tina has played on the Danish national basketball team and was a professional basketball player abroad for a number of years.


Treatment of complications from head and neck trauma • Concussion • Whiplash • Dizziness • Headache • Rehabilitation of sports injuries • Elite sports • Treatment of pregnancy-related pain • Acupuncture • Personal training



Baby treatment • Treatment of pregnancy-related discomfort and nausea • Migraine • Colic • Stress • Allergy • Whiplash • Concussion • PCS • Hormonal imbalance • PCOS • Headache • Neck pain • Back pain • Indigestion • Reflexology • Craniosacral therapy


Kamilla is on maternity leave until the end of 2020. She is a physical therapist with a specialization in craniosacral therapy. She is also a licensed reflexology therapist (RAB). Kamilla is a specialist in the manual treatment of head trauma and whiplash. In addition, she relieves migraines, tension headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain. She has broad therapeutic experience with relaxation and stress-reducing treatment. As a reflexology therapist, Kamilla treats functional disorders such as allergies, digestive problems, hormonal disorders and impaired fertility, as well as pregnancy-related symptoms such as nausea and indigestion. Kamilla also has great results with reflexology for baby.



Hilde's hands are strong and sensitive. She is a craftsman by heart and trained in fascial techniques (2015), scar tissue treatment (2016) and craniosacral therapy (2016). She has specialized skills in the manual treatment of stress-related conditions, scar tissue therapy and manual voice care. Hilde uncovers and treats the relationship between pain, discomfort, tension and bodily balance. With her calm, strong hands, she relieves stress, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, jaw problems and normalizes tight scar tissue after, for example, breast surgery and caesarean section. Hilde also has exceptional results in the treatment of breath-related symptom complexes.

Massage • Scar tissue treatment • Fascial technique • Tissue therapy • Stress • Neck pain • Shoulder pain • Headache • Relaxation • Voice problems • Cesarean section • Chest surgery • Craniosacral therapy • Opera singing • Breathing problems • Sleep problems






Weekdays: 8am-6pm

The clinic is closed on public holidays, between Christmas and New Year's as well as on January 1st.

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We create space for everyone regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

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